Champix Prescription

How to get a prescription

If you are trying to quit smoking you may benefit from Champix. To get a prescription you need to see a doctor. Champix is not available over the counter at pharmacies because it may not suit your health circumstances. You must have a valid prescription to buy Champix. Your doctor will speak to your about your smoking habits and will suggest other supports that will also help you to quit. Champix alone is highly effective but coupled with support makes the quitting process easier. A Champix prescription will be made based on your health and the extent of your smoking habit.

Getting a prescription for the first time

Your doctor will want to know that prescribing Champix is the right support for you. Champix is not a magic pill that stops you from smoking overnight. You will still need the willpower to overcome your habit. Many doctors will only prescribe Champix if you are using behavioral supports from the local stop smoking team. These teams are an invaluable support suggesting ways to keep you on track and offering advisors to speak to if you need help quitting. Your doctor may ask you to attend a clinic and produce a signed form before they will prescribe Champix.

Clinics are available throughout the day and into the evenings. Some offer Saturday clinics so you attend after work hours. You can also access stop smoking clinics through your local pharmacy. Prescriptions are subject to NHS charges currently at £8.40 per item. People with long term diseases are often exempt from prescription charges. You can also order Champix online after completing an online consultation.

Getting repeat prescriptions

When your current prescription runs out you may or may not need another prescription of Champix. Some patients are able to quit after one course, whereas others will need an additional course to ensure they quit for good. You can often do this with your doctor over the phone or online rather than visiting the surgery every time you run out.

If you need several prescriptions during the year you may benefit from purchasing a pre-payment card to cut the costs. The pre-payment card is £104. If you have more than one prescription a month at the full NHS price you will save money.

Report any new symptoms or side effects and any other medications you have starting taking when it is time to obtain a repeat prescription, even if these are herbal remedies or over-the-counter medicines.

Champix is available to buy online. If you chose to buy online make the site is genuine. You need a prescription to use Champix safely and effectively. If the site is offering prescription free Champix it may not be genuine and puts you at risk.
Genuine online pharmacies offer online consultations and a prescription service before you can buy prescription medicine, such as Champix.