How To Spot Counterfeit Champix

Although UK registered pharmacies offer genuine medications, there are websites and markets that sell counterfeit medicines without prescriptions.

Buying counterfeit Champix can be dangerous because there are no guarantees you are receiving genuine medication. Not only is counterfeit Champix unlikely to work, it may contain substances that are harmful to your health.

If medicine is offered without a prescription you are putting yourself in danger in several ways:

  1. The medicine may not be genuine and may contain poisonous substances. If the medicine is genuine but dispatched without a prescription then it may not be suitable for your health conditions.
  2. Champix is a prescription medicine for a reason. It can cause an adverse reaction with pre-existing health conditions, contraindications with current medications, and result in side effects when not safely prescribed by a doctor.

How To Recognise Champix

  • Champix 0.5 mg tablets are white, film-coated, oval- shaped tablets, marked Pfizer and CHX 0.5
  • Champix 1 mg tablets are light blue film-coated, oval- shaped tablets, marked Pfizer and CHX 1.0
  • The Champix patient information leaflet describes them as ‘modified capsular shaped’ tablets.

Champix is available in differing amounts, but the packaging looks similar for all courses. You can purchase more or less of the medication, but genuine Champix is presented in the same way.

Check the following:

  • A treatment initiation pack containing 2 blisters includes one clear blister of 11 Champix 0.5 mg tablets and one clear blister of 14 Champix 1 mg tablets in card packaging.
  • A follow-on (maintenance) pack containing two clear blisters of 14 x Champix 1 mg tablets in card packaging.
  • The card packaging is a white, blue and lime green fold out cardboard packet. All medication is clearly labelled and dosage times indicated.

Buying Champix Online

Medication provided by your doctor via the NHS is genuine, as are medicines from registered online pharmacies, but not all online sites are reputable. If you buy Champix online you should compare your medication with a genuine one and note any differences.

Check the following:

  • Tablet shape
  • Tablet size
  • Tablet colour
  • Tablet imprint including manufacturer’s name and dosage amount if applicable
  • The tablet’s weight

Also, check the packaging for spelling and grammar mistakes, different fonts, material and branding. For example, Champix is spelled in the upper case in all genuine medicine e.g. ‘CHAMPIX’ with the manufacturing label spelled ‘Pfizer’.

The medical leaflet should be identical to the original you received in genuine medication. It should contain all relevant information in different languages and be printed on good quality paper. If the expiry date is missing, covered, or expired then it is not likely to be authentic. A good indication of counterfeit Champix is a much lower than average price.

Medication sent from abroad may be counterfeit. India, China and Singapore are reported to supply a large amount of counterfeit drugs, but law enforcement agencies have uncovered counterfeit medication posted from local addresses by a native ‘go-between’. The online pharmacy you choose to use should be easily contacted, have advice, and do not withhold any information about the product or their contact details. Last but not least counterfeit medications should be reported to the authorities.